Day tour & Excursions at Mida Creek and Gede Museum

  • mida

It’s the best and most exciting trip where you get to mix, bird watching, history of the Town by visiting the Gede museum , a walk on the board walk with mangroove vegetation excursions and if your a fun of sea food specially delicacies of choices fresh from the ocean prepared locally at the restaurant and it’s affordable prices.

It’s a tailor made tour where you get to do a lot in one day. You will do a canoe ride in the arm of the ocean, take an excursion of the creek among the mangroove trees and the board walk, a visit to the Gede museum and get the rich history of the First trade town called Gede towns and all it’s meanings. Also while there you get a chance for bird viewing of over 400 migratory birds species along the shores of the ocean.

Price:From: $ 120

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