Below are a number of questions of the type we are frequently asked by people considering booking a tour with us. If you have a question and it isn’t answered below just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


  • We are a group of friends and would all like to travel together – is this possible?

Yes this is possible


  • We have seen a tour that we really like the look of but can’t make it on the advertised departure date. Is it possible to be flexible and go on a different date?

Yes it is possible to be flexible and go on a different date, just let us know


  • We are a family – are your tours suitable for children as well as adults?

Yes the tours are suitable for children as well as adults


  • What kind of people book a tour with Perfect Safaris? Is it a particular age group? Wealthy? Budget?

All types of people book with us, Wealthy, Budget, Young, Seniors. All types of people can book with Perfect Safaris


  • I have booked a scheduled tour as part of a group. How many other people will there be travelling with me?

For a booking in a Safari van there will be 6 people in each van each with a window seat.

For a booking in a 4×4 jeep there will be 7 people in the jeep with each person having a window seat.


  • I’m travelling alone, will this be a problem?

This is not a problem as we have done a lot of tours with single travelers, we assure your safety with us


  • What is a Group Tour?

A group tour is a tour which includes other people who have booked the same tour and are put together.

Our groups are normally small up to 7 people per car.


  • What is a Private Tour?

A private tour is a tour which is only conducted for people who know each other and have booked together.

Either family, workmates, travelling party.


  • Do I need a yellow fever vaccine

You will only need the yellow fever vaccine if you are going into Tanzania.


  • After travelling to Tanzania from Kenya and back to Kenya, Will I need a re-entry visa?

Your initial visitor visa will allow you to re-enter back to Kenya after your Tanzania trip.


  • Where do I apply for visa

Since Covid all visa are booked online before arrival.

Here is the link for applying Kenyan Visa


  • How do I pay the tips

Tips are optional but minimum fair amount to the safari guide is atleast USD 20 per day per person in the group, it can be paid  in USD or Kenyan shillings

For waiters between USD 2-5 per meal



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